Stormwater Management Committee


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Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Since 2003, Windham continues to monitor its storm water discharge systems within our urbanized area to comply with the US EPA’s Phase II Storm Water Regulation and Windham’s Storm Water Management Plan. Windham submits an annual report to US EPA and NH DES. A new US EPA Storm Water NPDES Permit is expected during 2012 with updated mandates.

The intent of this EPA Storm Water Regulation is to protect water resources from non-point source pollution from water runoff caused by rain or snow melt. We urge Windham residents to become involved and take personal steps to reduce and police runoff contamination within their property and the community.

Members continue to be involved with NH DES, NH DOT, Derry, Londonderry, and Salem on salt (chloride) reduction efforts impacting the Route 93 corridor and surrounding water resources. Members continue to monitor the I-93 construction project. Members are involved with the CPIA to improve the water quality of Cobbetts Pond through a Pond restoration plan.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: David Sullivan, Town Administrator - Jack McCartney, General Services Manager (Highway) - Dick Gregory, Planning Director - Rex Norman, Community Development Director - Dennis Senibaldi, General Services Director (Transfer Station).