Village Center District


The Town of Windham received a grant from the Rockingham Planning Commission to provide assistance in formulating zoning recommendations to plan for the future development of the Village District based on the ‘Rural Oasis’ concept plan. The grant money was used to provide professional planning services from Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC). RPC staff worked with the Windham Community Development Department and a subcommittee established by the Planning Board for this project. Read the details of the Grant Contract (PDF).

The Planning Board, with the assistance of a Subcommittee, prepared zoning amendments to Section 612, Village Center District (PDF). The intent of the amendments is to implement the “Village Center Recommendations” detailed in Section 5 of Wall Street NH 111 and Wall Street Connector Feasibility Study (PDF) (July 2011).

Upon the passage of the Village Center Zoning Amendments in 2013, the Subcommittee worked with Staff to create Design Regulations (PDF) that apply to development projects within the Village Center District Zone and other zones including the Gateway Commercial District, Neighborhood Business District, and Professional Business and Technology District.

For more information contact Community Development Staff at 603-432-3806, or stop in to the Community Development Department.

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