Rt. 28 / Rt. 111 Water Line

The Southern New Hampshire Regional Water Project is the single largest water supply initiative ever undertaken in New Hampshire. The project included the creation and execution of a groundbreaking intermunicipal agreement between the seven regional partners: Manchester, Derry, Salem, Windham, Hampstead, Atkinson, and Plaistow.

The Town of Salem and Pennichuck East Utility (PEU) petitioned the NH Public Utilities Commission to transfer a portion of the PEU franchise located in Windham to Salem, so they may provide water service to customers in Windham. The Order is attached here and can be accessed by clicking the PDF below.

The properties that directly abut RT. 28 and RT. 111 presented in the map below are now served by Salem from regional water provided from Manchester Water Works. The Franchise Map is attached here and can be accessed by clicking the PDF below.

Salem is the project representative and owner for the 20" water main that was designed and constructed from the Derry/Windham town line to the Windham/Salem town line (entire stretch of RT 28 in Windham) and a 12" water main from the intersection of RT 28 and RT 111 west to the Range Road/Edgewood Road intersection. Engineering and construction costs borne by this project were paid in full by the State of New Hampshire through the Department of Environmental Services MtBE Remediation Fund and Drinking Water and Groundwater Trust Fund.

The Town of Windham requires a separate permit, known as the Water Allocation Fee Permit, for properties who request to make a connection to the Regional Water Line. Only those parcels that are specifically within the Windham Franchise Area along Route 28 and Route 111 are eligible for water service connection provided by Salem.  The Application is attached here and can be accessed by clicking the PDF below.

Applicants must first apply through the Town of Windham Community Development Department and submit the required fee before Salem will consider and/or review any requests for water service connection. Once the applicant has completed the process with Windham they must file a permit with Salem including meeting all requirements thereof to allow for a connection and service. Once approved and connected, Windham residents and commercial property owners will become water customers of the Town of Salem. The Town of Salem will mail bills to their customers on a quarterly basis for residential, and monthly for commercial. Salem will charge retail customers in Windham rates 15% above the rates charged by Salem to its in-town retail customers including 15% additional on any/all fees associated with water service.   

  1. Alexander Mello, AICP

    Director of Community Development

  2. Mike McGuire

    Building Inspector / Health Officer