The Town of Windham received assistance from the Southern NH Planning Commission (SNHPC) with the development of this report.

The primary focus of the report is to provide the Town with guidelines and recommendations for enhancing local broadband infrastructure development and investment within the community. This includes raising awareness of the important of broadband as an economic development necessity.

The specific goals of the report are to:

  • Provide a brief overview of broadband technology
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses that exist in local broadband coverage
  • Identify challenges
  • Make recommendations for what improvements can be made to better position the community for economic development growth

Investing in Broadband

Investing in Broadband for Windham's Economic Growth February 2015 Final Report (PDF)

The following maps are included in the Final Report:

  • Map #1 (PDF): Broadband Availability for Uses that Require High Speed
  • Map #2 (PDF): Broadband Availability for Uses that Require Moderate Speed
  • Map #3 (PDF): Broadband Availability at Community Anchor Institutions
  • Map #4 (PDF): Level of Service for Broadband Intensive Applications and Uses
  • Map #5 (PDF): Broadband Technology by Maximum Download Speed
  • Map #6 (PDF): Satellite Broadband Service
  • Map #7 (PDF): Broadband Availability by Maximum Advertised Download Speed
  • Map #8 (PDF): Wireless vs Terrestrial Wireless Service Availability

Advisory Group

The following volutneers provided assistance in developing this report:

  • Margaret Case, Cable Advisory Board Representative
  • Joel Desilets, Planning Board Representative
  • Bob Higgins, Windham Economic Development Committee (WEDC) Representative
  • Al Letizio Jr. Selectman Representative

Newspaper Articles

Regional & Statewide Broadband Initiatives