Public Health Division


The Division of Public Health has a critical role in effective local and regional environmental and public health systems and is responsible for three critical functions:

  1. Enforce applicable New Hampshire laws and administrative rules, as well as local ordinances and regulations.
  2. Serve as a liaison between state officials, local elected officials and the community on issues concerning local environmental and public health.
  3. Participate in efforts to develop regional environmental and public health capacities.


The Town of Windham Division of Public Health carries out the following activities:

  • Collects drinking water samples at Town buildings
  • Education and outreach on relevant topics
  • Inspections of foster homes
  • Inspections of licensed day care and child care facilities, as well as local school buildings for State licensing
  • Investigates public health complaints
  • Reviews and updates local regulations and ordinances

Food Protection

Complaints of illness, sanitation, contamination or adulteration associated with food or a food establishment should be reported, in writing, to the Division of Public Health Services Food Protection Section. To make a report please Email the Food Protection Section.