Master Plan

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In 2022 and into 2023, the Windham Planning Board is developing a new Master Plan for the community. A Master Plan is a planning document that serves to guide the overall character, physical form, growth and development of a community. It is the basis in which a municipality’s land use regulations come from. It describes how, why, where and when to build or rebuild a city or town. It provides guidance to local officials making decisions on budgets, ordinances, capital improvements, zoning and subdivision matters, and other growth-related issues. A master plan provides an opportunity for community leaders to look ahead, establish new visions and directions, set goals, and map out plans for the future. Properly done, a master plan should describe where, how, and at what pace a community desires to develop physically, economically, and socially. In short, a master plan functions much like a roadmap or a blueprint; it is a guide to the future. 

The process began in 2020 and led to the adoption of a new Vision Statement in 2021. In 2022, the Planning Board established a Master Plan Process Committee (MPCC) to develop a process for continuing the effort of updating the Master Plan. The MPPC was chaired by Matthew Rounds (Planning Board) and included Shannon Ulery (School Board), Roger Hohenberger (Board of Selectmen), and Christopher Sullivan (Community Development Department). Over four meetings, the MPCC reviewed prior town-wide planning efforts and other recently completed New Hampshire master plans. The MPPC ultimately decided on utilizing the strong volunteer network of the various Boards and Commissions in Town to help complete each master plan chapter. This format allows each Board/Commission to add their expertise and engage with the community for input into their respective chapters. The MPPC will then compile the drafts into one comprehensive document for additional public input. In order to help the supporting Boards/Commissions assemble their chapter, the MPPC created the following manual to help provide a timeline and a set of guidelines.  

2022 Economic Development, Housing, and Infrastructure Survey Results (linked)


2020 Master Plan Survey Results

Final Results

2019 Hazard Mitigation Plan (linked)

2015 Updated Chapters

2014 Community Survey Results

The Master Plan Survey was completed on July 3 and the final results, updated as of October 17, 2014 are available by viewing the Community Survey Results (PDF).

Community Visioning Workshop

A Community Visioning Workshop took place on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at Searles School and Chapel. This workshop was an opportunity to let the Planning Board know what the Town is doing well and what can be improved upon in the following 6 areas – natural and cultural resources, economic development, transportation, housing, community facilities, and recreation. View the presentation, Master Plan Community Visioning Workshop (PDF).

Community Visioning Workshop Results

View the Community Visioning Workshop Results (PDF) document.

2012 Recreation Master Plan

The Planning Board adopted the 2012 Recreation Master Plan (PDF), which was developed by the Recreation Committee.

Please contact Cheryl Haas, Recreation Coordinator, at 603-965-1208 or Email Cheryl Haas if you have any questions on this Master Plan.

2005 Master Plan Documents