Public Records

Most of the information held by the Town Clerk is available in the office for your review during normal business hours. You may come into the office to review materials by calling in or emailing prior to arrange an appointment. 91-A Requests are usually requested through Administration, with collaborative effort by all Departments that the requests are pertained in.  

Maintaining Records

Records created by, or deposited with, the Office of the Town Clerk are maintained in accordance with NH RSA 33-A, Disposition of Municipal Records. State law or state department regulations may require additional retention requirements. Certain records are classified as confidential and cannot be disclosed without a court order except to parties with vested interests who have a right to access such material. In certain cases, records with historical, genealogical, or unique properties may be retained beyond their scheduled disposition date.  

Available Records

Please view the available records online here


Records Vault Project

The Town Clerk, in conjunction with our local Record Retention Committee, put forth a massive Records vault re-organization for the Town. In March of 2016, the Town voters graciously approved to appropriate funds to support these efforts.  After an RFP process, we recruited Inception Technologies, and they rolled out the software application Docuware for us. During the whole process, Inception Technologies has been very hands on, and took on the burden of back scanning the following records:  

Meeting minutes 

Election Records

Annual Town Reports 

Legal/Court Cases 


We have continued the efforts and have scanned many of the old archival books, among many other records that would be of interest to the public.  We look forward to our continued partnership, and the new enhancements that are in the horizon.  

 Docuware Case Study about the Records Project

Record Retention Committee 

The Committee is, in accordance with RSA 33-A:3, charged with governing the retention and disposition of municipal records. Membership on the Committee consists of a member of the:

  • 2 residents
  • Assistant Town Administrator
  • Board of Selectmen
  • Police Department Records Clerk
  • Tax Assessor
  • Tax Collector
  • Town Clerk
  • Town Treasurer