All Residents

New Vehicle Registrations

Any new registrations need to be processed by whoever name is on the new paperwork. If the registrant(s) can't make it to the office due to scheduling conflicts or physically unable to, a notarized Power of Attorney Form (PDF) will need to be completed prior to processing the paperwork. Registration fees paid to the Town of Windham are based on the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) when the vehicle was new. The MSRP is taken from the “Red Book” published by National Market Reports. The same book is used state-wide, and all taxes are calculated from the same, state-regulated tables. Current year vehicles are taxed at $18/thousand for the first year. The rate is then reduced by $3/thousand per year until the vehicle is 6 years old. At that time, the rate remains at $3/thousand. The State registration fee is based on the gross vehicle weight (GVW) and the type of plate you have. You may calculate the estimated costs of your registration by visiting the EReg Services website.

The Town Clerk cannot register a new vehicle for less than 5 months, nor more than 16. A resident who comes to the office in July, and whose birthday falls in November would register for 5 months. The same registration processed in August would run for 16 months.

Transferring Vehicles

Make sure that the name(s) on the previous registration match the new paperwork for the new vehicle-that is the only way you will receive the credit from the previous registration. When transferring license plates to a newly purchased vehicle, please bring the paperwork for the new vehicle (Certificate of Origin or title) as well as the prior (current) registration from the vehicle being replaced. If you cannot find your previous registration for that the vehicle that is coming off the road, you will have to purchase a duplicate registration for $17.50 and then we will use that to transfer the plates and credit to the new vehicle. Please remember that your license plates and registration are your property and responsibility, and should remain in your possession after the sale or trade-in of any vehicle. Please note: Whomever' s name is on the paperwork needs to be the person that comes into the office to process the registration. If the registrant(s) can't come in due to scheduling or physically unable, a notarized Power of Attorney Form (PDF) will need to be completed in order to process the registration.

Renewing Vehicles

Vehicle registrations expire on the last day of the owner’s birth month, except in the case of a company owned or leased vehicle. In this case, the expiration date is determined by the first letter of the company name. The Town of Windham sends out registration reminders to vehicle owners via mail and email, however, it is the registrant’s responsibility to renew the vehicle in the event of lost or misdirected mail. Registrations being renewed by mail must include a self-addressed stamped envelope in order to avoid mailing delays. There is no grace period on expired registrations. If you would like to receive your renewal notice by email, please complete the Vehicle Registration Reminder Form (PDF) and send to the Town Clerk's Office.

E-Registration (Online Vehicle Renewals)

This service is only available for Windham residents who wish to renew their vehicle registrations. At this time, it is not available for new registrations, plate/registration maintenance's, first-time registrations, or plate transfer registrations.

No changes can be made to the registration (i.e. address, name or mailing location)

When you submit your request to renew your vehicle registrations, does not guarantee that your vehicle gets complete. Until you receive your official registration and decals in the mail, do not consider your vehicle registered.  To renew your vehicle online, scroll below and select online payments. 


When you process renewals this method, your information will be pulled in by the Town Clerk's office staff, and they process all transactions in the queue. The office will check residency, process the transaction, and mail you directly your completed registration and decal stickers. It could take up to 5 days, depending on when you initiate the function. Please make sure you allow plenty of time for yourself before the last day of the month (due date).

In the event of any problems, or questions, we will attempt to contact you by email or telephone, but the Town is not liable if, for any reason, we are unable to do so or if you don't respond to such communications. It will be your responsibility to contact us within 10 days of your online submission if you have not received your vehicle registrations.

Please note that you must bring in either a previous registration, the renewal reminder, or the plate number per RSA 261:1484. Staff can no longer look up registrations by your name. If you cannot find any previous registrations for that vehicle, the mailer that we sent, or have your plate number, you will have to purchase a duplicate registration for $17.50 and then we will use that to renew your vehicle. At the request of the NH DMV, please have your photo ID available for all motor vehicle transactions.


Here’s how to get a duplicate. When you register your vehicle online or by mail, we mail your processed registration and stickers via the US Postal Service to be delivered to the mailing address you have on record with the DMV.

* Sometimes these registrations don’t make it to you. Here’s what you can do: 

1. The NH DMV will replace your registration and stickers at no charge 14 days after they were issued. Contact the Concord DMV at (603) 227-4000 to find out how.

 2. If you choose to get a replacement sooner at the Town Clerk’s office, State regulations require us to charge you $15.00 for the State portion of the duplicate registration and $1 for the stickers. All Town fees will be waived. a. The owner of the vehicle must sign the DMV Application for Copy of Registration. Family members can come in for other family members. b. Complete a DMV Application for Copy of Registration to include the plate # of the vehicle prior to coming in to save time. (The owner can also fill this out in the office.) c. The person coming in to get the duplicate registration and stickers MUST present their driver’s license. *If the mailing address you have on file with the DMV is not the correct mailing address, the free duplicate from the State DMV and the waiving of the local fees does not apply.

Can't make it during normal business hours?

We have an array of online services available.  When you are completing the transaction online, select the option “Pick up”.  You may pick up at the counter, but if you can't make the it during business hours, or if you want to skip the waiting times, we have a tool that you can pick up your materials outside in the back of Town Hall, at our Luxer One locker available to you 24 hours a day.  

If you qualify for this process, be prepared to upload supporting documents and when picking up, you will be required to surrender all original documentation.  

Customers have the capability to be assigned a secure code for their completed transactions, and they will have secure access for their confidential records.  Please be advised that this is under camera and security 24 hours a day.  There is also signature and photo requirements when collecting your documents.