Property Inspections-What to Expect

Property Inspections:

The Town of Windham has contracted Municipal Resources, Inc (MRI) to perform all Municipal Assessing Services. 

In an effort to maintain fair and equitable assessments for all purposes, your property may be visited and inspected for the following:

  • Building Improvements/Demo (Based on issued Building Permits) 
  • Sales Inspections
  • Cyclical Inspections
  • Property Owner Requested Inspections

Depending on the reason for the assessor’s visit, you may not receive notice ahead of time. If you have any questions about your property or about a potential visit, please contact the Town office at 603-434-7530.

All assessing staff will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Staff will be wearing identification badges, will have signs on their vehicles and will have introduction letters from the Town.
  • A typical inspection takes around 10 minutes. If no one is home, exterior measurements will be taken, which may involve entering side and/or backyards.
  • If an adult property owner is home, staff will request an interior inspection to confirm data. Interior inspections are important to ensure accurate, fair and equitable assessments for all properties.
  • The homeowner is encouraged to provide information that may not be apparent to the assessor at the time of inspections, such as: seasonal wetness, cracked foundations, leaking roofs, easements, etc.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Please see the list below for certified MRI assessors conducting work in Windham.


Paul McKenney-MRI Contract Assessor

IMG_9496Michael Marsh-MRI Assistant Assessor

IMG_9482Seth Giberson-MRI Measurer & Lister

IMG_9470Chad Gordon-MRI Measurer & Lister

Jason BlanchardJason Blanchard-MRI Measurer & Lister