Cost of Community Services Study


The Conservation Commission commissioned a cost of community services study, which was finalized in January of 2012. A cost of community services study provides a simplified view of the revenue and expenditure by land use type for a particular locality for a particular time period. The outcome of such a study is a set of ratios showing revenue to expenditure for the selected land uses within the community. See the full report and view the Cost of Community Services Study (PDF) document.

2015 Update

March 25, 2015: At the request of the Board of Selectmen, an analysis of the Town's 2014 revenues and expenses has been completed by staff, and these figures used to update the Cost of Services of Study. To view the results, as presented to the Board of Selectmen at their March 23, 2015 view the 2015 Update the Cost of Services of Study (PDF) document.