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Address all correspondence to:

3 North Lowell Road
Windham, NH 03087

Exceptions: The Fire Department, Police Department and Nesmith Library are located on Fellows Road and should be addressed there at number 3, 4, or 8; respectively.


If you know the individual's name who you wish to contact, you may reach them via email by using their first initial and last name followed by


John Smith is JSmith@Windham...


Recreation and Information Technology emails consist of the department name, as opposed to staff member, and should be addressed as Recreation Department or IT Director.


Cable can be reached via Email.

Police Department

Members of the Police Department can be reached by using their first initial and last name, followed by

No Response

Please note that not all staff members have email available. If you have not received a response, or have received an error message from your email provider, please contact the Department by other means.


  • Main Telephone Menu - All Departments 603-965-1200
  • Administration
    David Sullivan, Town Administrator
    Phone: 603-432-7732
  • Assessing
    Tax Assessor
    Phone: 603-434-7530
  • Community Development / Building
    Phone: 603-432-3806
  • Fire Department, Business Line
    Thomas McPherson, Chief
    Phone: 603-434-4907
  • Highway Department
    Jack McCartney, Highway Agent
    Phone: 603-216-5676
  • Police Department Business Line
    Gerald Lewis, Chief
    Phone: 603-434-5577
  • Recreation Department
    Cheryl Haas, Parks and Recreation Director
    Phone: 603-965-1208
  • Solid Waste Management
    Transfer Station
    Phone: 603-426-5102
  • Tax Collector
    Ruth Robertson
    Phone: 603-432-7731
  • Town Clerk
    Nicole Bottai
    Phone: 603-434-5075

Inquiry Form

We apologize that you didn't find the information you needed. Please use this form to submit your inquiry to us and, upon receipt, we will forward it to the appropriate department for response. You may also use this form to report a broken link or just offer us your thoughts. Note: Please provide a valid email address so we can respond to you directly. Thank you!