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Planning Board Comment

  1. Please Read before Submitting a Request Comment
    Thank you for contacting the Windham Planning Board, we welcome public comments. Your message will be taken up by Staff on behalf of the Board within 24 hours, and will be public information. If your concern is of an urgent matter, please contact the Town Offices at 603-432-3806, and speak directly with a member of the Staff.
  2. Disclaimer
    Please note Board members cannot comment on a case except at a public meeting. If you would like to share your thoughts about a particular case please feel do so, please include the case number or address for reference. You are also welcome to send comments on ordinance changes or any other matter that would be appropriate. If you would like your comments entered into the record during the public comment section of the hearing for a particular case, please specifically state that. Several Fields are Required to process your Request Comment
  3. If this is in reference to a case under consideration.
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