CPVD Septic Pump-Out and Inspection

On the March 14, 2023 Town Meeting Ballot, Town voters approved Article 21 (a Citizen's Petition). Article 21 created an "Ordinance Governing Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Pump-Out and Inspection Within Cobbetts Pond Village District". The adopted Ordinance can be viewed here

The purpose of the Ordinance is to manage onsite wastewater treatment systems in the Cobbetts Pond Village District (CPVD) in such a way as to protect Cobbetts Pond water quality, public health and the environment. This regulation establishes a management program for onsite wastewater treatment systems (septic tanks, holding tanks & leach fields) in the Cobbetts Pond Village District and promotes proper operation of onsite wastewater treatment systems by requiring timely pumping and maintenance of on-site wastewater systems. 

The Ordinance requires that all properties within CPVD boundaries have their Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (septic system) pumped out and inspected every three (3) years; requires any system not previously pumped within three (3) years of adoption to be pumped within 12 months; provide required documentation on such pumping to the Community Development Department; provides for waivers and appeals of such requirements, and penalties for violation of said ordinance.

If you would like to file for a waiver that may grant less frequent pumping please fill out and return this form to the Community Development Department along with either:

 1) a valid septic system operational approval, on file, with NH DES; or 2) a current written system evaluation signed by a NH certified or licensed septic system evaluator.

If you are in the CPVD you would have received an informational letter in June of 2023. Not sure if you are in the CPVD or not? Click here to view a map of the CPVD. 

An additional letter will be sent out in the Fall of 2023 to remind folks of the Ordinance. This particular notification will include an "Evaluation and Certification Report". Effective October 16, 2023, this form will become the ONLY ACCEPTABLE form that can be used to satisfy the ordinance's requirements. 

Completed Evaluation and Certification Reports can be submitted to Meaghan O'Dwyer, Environmental Planner, via email (linked on top-right of this page) or delivered in person to the Community Development Department.