Windham Senior Center

Windham Senior Citizens, Inc. was formed to provide for the social and recreational needs of our residents age 55 and older. We also welcome residents from other Towns. We lease the building from the Town of Windham, which provides heat, electricity and external upkeep.  We are responsible for the internal upkeep, cleaning and liability insurance. The $10.00 membership fee helps to cover these costs. The membership fee is voluntary and is not a requirement necessary to enjoy the meals program or any of our activities. Joining Windham Senior Citizens, Inc. is simply a way in which to assist in support of the facility.

If you are interested in going, but need a ride, please contact the Recreation Department at 603-965-1208. We are offering rides to the Senior Center on September 1, October 6, and November 3, 2022.

Additional Uses

The Senior Center is also utilized, most evenings, by our local scouting groups, the Lions Club, and other non-profit groups who have obtained permission from the President of the Windham Seniors.

More Information

Our volunteer staff, the only completely volunteer managerial and meals staff in the county range in ages from 60 to 90. These volunteers are ready to work hard to maintain the facility, serve each other and the community.

We welcome seniors to drop in on a Tuesday or Thursday to introduce themselves to us. Coffee, tea and snacks are always available. We are a very dedicated group of friendly volunteers.


The following is just a sampling of some of our activities:

  • The Center is open to seniors two days a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lunch is served on these days at noon provided by Rockingham Nutrition. Members set the tables, serve the lunch, and clean up after lunch. The donation for the meal is $3.00.
  • On Monday mornings there is exercise under the umbrella of the Windham Recreation Department. Tuesday at 1:00pm Bingo is provided by the volunteers.
  • Thursday, there are members who play card games in the morning. Games of Kings in the Corner, SKAT and 45s are often going on and dominoes Mexican Train is very popular. Mexican Train often carries on into the afternoon on Thursdays. Conversation is always fluid and fun. 
  • Because of COVID our monthly business meetings took a bit of a hiatus and presently business meetings are held periodically at the call of the President.  In these membership meetings, we discuss the business of the group. We have more recently held these meeting on a regular lunch day and we make them very short and concise.
  • We are a source of information for seniors. We have many pamphlets available, which may offer guidance. 
  • Anyone who is homebound may receive Meals on Wheels from RNMOW. These meals    are delivered to Windham residents from the Salem site. To apply and be approved for home delivery, simply contact April at Salem Meals on Wheels at 603-893-2137.
  • In conjunction with the Windham Recreation Department, there are trips of interest during the year. We try to keep these at a minimal cost. Since the acquisition of the Town bus, we now offer shopping trips to Walmart on Wednesdays. Also, there is a Transportation Service available for those in need of transportation to medical appointments.  To arrange for these services, call 603-432-7732.
  • Two large events planned by the Recreation Department are held during the year. In summer, there is a picnic for all senior Windham residents and Senior Center members, who may live out of town. This year (2022), this picnic will resume on the Town Common. There will be lunch and entertainment. There is also a Christmas party for Windham Seniors at Castleton in December. These events are covered by the Recreation budget approved by voters.
  • Several organizations use our building on a reservation basis. Because we are grateful for the use of this building, we are willing to share the space with others. The building may also be reserved for private functions such as showers for a small fee.
  • Because of the generosity of many, we have accumulated a few walkers, crutches, shower chairs, commodes and other health aids, which we will lend to anyone who may need these items.