Voter Information

Upcoming Elections and Important dates 

March 13, 2018- Local Town Election (Sample ballots for Zoning and Town and School Ballot

September 11, 2018- State Primary Election

November 6, 2018- State General Election

The following candidates have filed for the Local Town Election as of 2/2/18- In no particular order

Board of Selectmen- Roger Hohenberger, Ross McLeod

Town Clerk- Nicole Bottai

Moderator- Peter Griffin

Treasurer- Robert Coole

Planning Board- Matthew Rounds, Derek Monson, Alan E. Carpenter

Zoning Board- Bruce R. Breton, Pamela M. Skinner

Trustee of the Trust Fund-

Trustee of the Cemetery- Bruce Moeckel

Trustee of the Library- Karen Moltenbrey (1 year term), Alberto Chang (3 year term), Tara Picciano (3 year term)

Supervisor of the Checklist- Eileen Mashimo, Patricia Maranto

Polling Location

The polling location is:

Windham High School-64 London Bridge Road 

Please note:  We do not have any wards at this time.

Changing your address 

It is required that if you move within Town, that you change your address on the voter checklist. You may come into the Town Clerk's office during regular business hours to do so.  You will be required to fill out a form and prove domicile to the new location.  You may also change your address at any scheduled supervisor of the checklist meeting.  

Change of name

If a voter's name has changed, due to marriage, divorce or a legal name change, this change must be done in person at our office.  Please bring with you the proof of the name change, i.e. certified marriage certificate, certified court order.  You may also change your name at any scheduled supervisor of the checklist meeting.  

Registering to Vote

You may register to vote any time during regular business hours at the Town Clerk's office.  You may also register to vote at any scheduled supervisor of the checklist meeting.  

To be eligible to register and vote in New Hampshire a person must be:  

  • 18 years of age or older on election day;    
  • A United States Citizen; and    
  • Domiciled in the town or ward where the person seeks to vote.   

To register, you will need to provide documents that prove your identity, age, and citizenship.    

  • A driver’s license or non-driver ID from any state satisfies proof of identity and age.     
  • A birth certificate, U.S. Passport/Passcard, naturalization document or Real ID compliant driver’s license or state issued non-driver ID satisfies proof of citizenship.   

If you do not have these, you can prove your identity, age, and/or citizenship, by signing a Qualified Voter Affidavit, under oath, in front of an election official.   

You will also need to provide documentation to prove that you are domiciled in the place where you intend to vote.  There are many types of documents that will satisfy this requirement:  

  • A New Hampshire driver’s license or non-driver ID showing your current address;    
  • A document from the school that you attend, showing that you live in campus housing.  A document issued by the school that has your name and the address where you live satisfies the requirement.  Many colleges and universities provide students with satisfactory documents already.   
  • A note signed by a school official, including a Resident Assistant or other person with supervisory responsibility for your dorm satisfies the requirement under RSA 654:1, I-a.    
  • A rental agreement, lease, or similar document that shows your name and the address of your domicile.  The document must show that you are domiciled at the address on Election Day.    
  • A document showing that you own the place you are domiciled at, such as a deed, property tax bill, or other similar document that has your name and address.   
  • A New Hampshire resident motor vehicle registration, driver’s license, or non-driver photo ID.
  • A voter photo ID issued by the NH Division of Motor Vehicles at no cost to you.  To obtain a photo ID card, that can only be used for voting purposes, ask your town or city clerk or the Secretary of State’s office for a voucher and present it to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  Information on the documents you will need to present to the DMV is available here:  
  • A document showing that you enrolled a dependent minor child in a public school that serves the town or ward of your domicile.   
  • Any state or federal tax form, other government form, or government issued identification that shows your name and your domicile address.   
  • Any form from the US Post Office showing your name and the physical address where you are domiciled (not a P.O. box).  The confirmation you received by e-mail or US mail when you reported your new address to the Post Office satisfies the requirement.   
  • A public utility bill, such as such as an electric, telephone, water, gas, or other utility bill, with your name and address on it.   
  • A note from a homeless shelter or other service provider located in the town or ward where you will vote that confirms they will receive US mail sent to you at that address.   
  • A note from the person who owns, leases, rents, or manages/supervises the property where you are domiciled, confirming that you live there, which could include a family member or roommate.  Any document containing the information is sufficient provided that in includes the statement that “providing false information is a violation of New Hampshire law under penalty of voting fraud.”  The “Confirmation of Domicile” form available at this link is satisfactory proof of domicile. (click here for form).   
  • You may also use any other document that shows some action you have taken to carry out your intent to make the place you claim your voting domicile.   

If you have any questions about what will be sufficient proof of domicile, you may call or visit the Town Clerk's office.

If you are registering to vote more than 30 days before the next election, you must provide this proof before you can register.  Or, if you cannot, follow the procedure below for registering within 30 days of an election or on Election Day.    

If you register within 30 days of an election or at your polling place on Election Day and you do not bring one of the documents proving domicile, you will need to sign an affidavit before you can vote.  You will need to check off one of the following two options on the affidavit:  

(1)  You have a document that will prove your domicile but did not bring it with you, and you agree to deliver or mail the document to the town or city clerk within 10 days following the election 


(2)  You are not aware of any documents that will prove your domicile, and understand that town officials will take steps to confirm that you are domiciled where you claim.  

The supervisors of the checklist sit prior to all Elections for new voters, change of party, etc. Their hours are posted in the local paper, Town Hall, and on the town website. Registration can also be completed at the polls on the day of the election. 

For more information about Elections please visit the State's Elections website.